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Jobs Online for Students – Working As a Tutor

Tutoring people online is still in the early stages of its development; however when it comes to jobs online for students, this is the perfect online job. There are many different students who are benefiting from this type of online tutoring these days, there being around seventy thousand currently registered online. There seems to be a high demand for online tutors. But when searching for jobs online for students, what are you to expect from online tutor work?

About the Job

Basically what an online tutor does is either teach people or give them a hand with some type of project that is part of their coursework. This can sometimes include elder people who have taken an interest in a hobby like learning a new language, music, writing or the like. You will establish an online session with your students using the internet which can be conducted one-on-one or in small groups. There is software that allows online whiteboards, testing, content distribution and a host of other features for tutoring, as well as live chat so you can talk to your students using the internet. Video is also fast becoming a norm with this online job.

This is one of the best online jobs for students who may be studying the subject that is in demand for tutoring. You also have the option to work your own hours if the job allows, which means that you can still complete your normal studies when you have to whilst earning an income in your spare time.


It is fairly normal for these online jobs to require a Bachelor’s degree in the field you will be tutoring. Should you not have the required qualification; some companies need to see some form of teaching certification before they will hire you. It helps greatly if you have experience teaching as well as in depth knowledge of the topic.

As with any teaching job, it is normal for you to have very good people skills, good management, be an excellent communicator and the ability to interact well with others. In some aspects, online teaching can pose more of a challenge because you are connecting virtually and it is harder to read your students’ non-verbal sign, furthermore you don’t have the ability to present physically in the room. So you will need to adjust you presentation methods to keep the content interesting and your students stimulated.

Where to find the work

There are a couple of ways to get jobs online for students as a tutor. You can sign up with a tutoring company who hires online tutors. These companies are becoming more and more abundant. Search for them on the internet and be sure to read their policies and procedures carefully. Try and ascertain if you meet their required skills, check what the standards are and see what pay they are offering. Once you find some that you like, do lots of research into the company and search online to see if it is a scam or not before you sign up. Be aware that there are many fake online jobs on the web and you don’t want to get caught out by one of them.

Another method of finding jobs online for students being a tutor is to try and find your own students. This can work especially if you are at a university with many students as you can ask around or post on the notice boards. Sometimes you will find “tutor wanted” on the boards or in the university adverts. It is good practice to ask for a referral from each person that you tutor as this can be used to get more students in the future. Like any good venture, you will be required to market and advertise your business. You should print flyer or pamphlets, and place ads in the campus paper, notice boards, classifieds or online sites or forums if they exist.

As you can see, tutoring jobs online for students have massive potential and you could be teaching others in no time. Remember those freshmen are always looking for someone to help them get ahead and possibly to make some acquaintances at the same time. Go ahead and use your knowledge to earn money online.